[1] DAWN OF A NEW AGE [2oo2]
Female Terminators long before Terminator III offered them a stage to play... ha! And where do you find them? Right here, at deadScreen.com *lol*.

[2] F.E.A.R. [2oo2]
Nothing to do with the game you might know. This is again the slightly tuned Terminator girl from "Dawn...". But this time she's really pissed, I tell you.

Cryogen science sounds really scary to me, and so I came up with this. What would happen if something with those freezers goes terribly wrong? What if....

[4] ASYLUM [2oo4]
I tried to give this a bit of the "ALIEN" feeling, playing with lights and shadows. The Victoria character could use a bit more retouching I think.

Quite a bit more of "ALIEN" feeling here *lol*. This is Franz Muenz' incredibly detailed 3D model of the Alien Queen known from the second movie. Someone's gonna have a really bad day...

[6] DESTINY [2oo5]
Just another manic nightmare about body fluids... or better: about losing them.

[7] LV 426 SAFARI [2oo6]
You might already get the idea that I do love the ALIEN movies, and hell yeah: I do! As much as I love strong girls.