[1] T.R.U.T.H. [2oo2]
This one put up quite a storm at renderosity when people began to discuss about the sense and nonsense of war. On my behalf, I think a war can only be a loss, there can never be such thing as a "winner". Weird for someone loving horror movies?

[2] L.O.V.E. [2oo5]
You bleed so much better when someone you love turns his/her back on you. The walls around you turn into bars, and those bars are closing in... I believe you know that kind of feeling.

[3] TEARS OF GOD [2oo6]
My first top 3 entry at renderosity was my goodbye to that community at the same time. Funny how "caring" people suddenly become when you fade away. You might recognize the short haired heroine of the "FLESHCRAWL" and "BACK TO THE DEAD" pictures. So I want to dedicate this one to the real girl being the inspiration for that character.

[4] ISOLATION [2oo6]
Quite similar to L.O.V.E. I did this one while I was in a quite depressive mood. Maybe we can call this the "aftershock" of the 2oo5 picture.

Chad Michael Ward (go check out his website DIGITAL APOCALYPSE) created the original as a photomanipulation. His work is as inspiring as stunning, he's a true master of the darkarts.

[6] DEEP BLUE SEA [2oo6]
Underwater scenes can be a real pain in the ass to do, but as a big fan of "Jaws" I knew I one day would have to do such a scene. And here you go... dare to join her swimming?

[7] MESS-AGE OF WAR [2oo7]
Again a song of my band, "Mess-age of War" is about the overall madness of our time. Kids are sent to be soldiers in third world countries. But even in our "civilized" world we still act like barbarians. And while others kill we take place in front of our TVs and watch this shit as if it was a video game. Shame on us...

[8] I DARE YOU! [2oo9]
The short haired heroine changed her looks a bit for the year 2oo9. This is the very first picture I finished after quite a long time (not including the "remakes") and it was supposed to just be an exercise and to see if my workflow still gets me to the goal. Well, it actually does.

Eventhough I am a big horror-fan myself, there's things like movies or games which should be kept away from children due to their mature contents. This is my contribution to the topic of protection of minors. Still I think censorship is by far overrated, the responsibility to keep mature contents away from children is in the families' hands. Just my 2 cents.