[1] A LADY FOR DINNER [2oo3]
This had to be removed from most online galleries due to its explicit gore.

[2] FOREVER DYING [2oo4]
Tribute to someone special I truly loved. She's sadly missed!

[3] FLESHCRAWL [2oo5]
The first time a digital heroine looking quite similar to some special girl around me appears on my screen.

Done for Milena "Milboogy", who is a good friend of mine, and a talented 3D artist. Lost contact to her though, sadly.

[5] BACK TO THE DEAD [2oo5]
Here comes my heroine again, on the cover of a never published comic about Zombies. I much later saw Fulci's "Woodoo" which has a similar scene when the undead crawl over the Golden Gate bridge.

[6] CHOP SUsEY [2oo5]
Susey's become one of my darker favourite characters... I definitely need to do more pictures with her!

[7] SUICIDE SUsEY [2oo5]
When I was member at suicidegirls.com I did this for one of them great ladies.

[8] BREED [2oo6]
Artwork and wallpaper for my band "Spider Jerusalem". This Spider is modelled by Curio who does incredible creatures!

[9] HAUNTED [2oo6]
From a time when black-haired young girls still could scare the shit out of you. I also did an Animation with this one where the girl drifts closer and closer towards the beholder and finally you could see her eerie face.