[1] LAND OF THE LOST [2oo6]
The song "Land of the Lost" of my band "Spider Jerusalem" was father of this picture. Both song and artwork were finished quite some time before I even heard rumors about Romero's "Land of the Dead"... but yes I confess to be a big fan of George.

[2] DREAMCHILD [2oo6]
And another song of "Spider Jerusalem" giving title to this picture.

[3] GHOST HALL [2oo6]
Did I mention yet I love spooky movies and novels? It doesn't have to offer gore to please me. Btw the first piece I've introduced the mysterious wheelchair.

[4] DEATHROLL [2oo6]
Less spooks but a bit more blood. Still we got the mysterious wheelchair AND a stained, mysterious curtain. Dare to pull that one aside?

[5] SAM HAIN [2oo6]
The boogeyman and his handywork. Could be a scene happening some minutes (or even days?) before "DEATHROLL". I like the way you have to look close to figure out the poor victim's head had been cut off. Is that subtile splatter? *lol*