NEWS 1st of March 2oo9
Added 2 new images to the REALITY gallery. While I try to become friends with ZBrush I will also work on a few "old style" pictures, meaning I will further use Poser, Cinema4D and Photoshop. I am much looking forward to the day when I will upload my first ZBrush creation, but this still might take a while.

Stay tuned, more to hit the deadScreen, soon!


NEWS 15th of February 2oo9
Hell yeah, finally is on air... I am sorry it took a bit longer than first planned, but I've completely redesigned the whole look of the website and the navigation tools.

So what does offer?
For now you will get a look on my past work when I mostly used Poser, Cinema4D and quite a whole lot of Postwork in Photoshop. As you might already have seen on the righthand side, I love horror, fantasy and science fiction related art. I tried to bring my work into those genres, though sometimes it's hard to decide where fantasy ends and horror begins (or the other way round), but in the end I think you will be pleased in what you find in the different sections of this website.

Past. Present? Future?
What you can find on the website right now ranges from my early work from 2oo2 up to the latest pieces from 2oo8. Plans are to get the galleries filled with more and more actual stuff as soon as I get it done. Patience will be needed though, cause as my work becomes more and more detailed it also takes more and more time to complete a piece of art.
The future will take me deeper into modelling my own characters with the help of ZBrush which I am about to learn. It's a shitload of fun to work with this application, but it will take a while until I will be ready to show off what I come up with. Well, you see it's all about being patient once again... or still.

One last word...
As I already experienced people stealing my work and trying to sell it under their name, I once again want to make clear that ALL contents (including text, art, sound and excluding external websites in the links-section) of this website are copyright by me (Martin Dinjer).
If you want to use my work in any of your projects feel free to contact me (further details are found in the contact-section). I am no monster and I am sure we can get along fine if you respect my rights. I nevertheless will become a monster ripping you apart if I find you using my art without permission.

Thank you for your time and interest. Now have a happy and dark time here on!
Enjoy and see you around.